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To: Dale Bosworth, Chief

United States Department of Agriculture
Forest Service Washington Office
1400 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20250

From: Reverend Gary W. Stubbs
Rainbow Crystal Kitchen
A Ministry of the Universal Life Church
5318 Feather River Blvd.
Marysville, California 95901

Date: June 5,2005

Dear Sir:

After reading your email of May 12, 2005, addressed to "The Rainbow
Family of Living Light", I felt ethically compelled to respond to your comments. My
Self and other "rainbows" (folks assembled) felt your level of deception to be

You refer to yourself as stewards of the National Forest and announce that you will be
"hosting" and "accommodating" this years gathering.
You should be reminded, Sir, the national forests belong to the
American people having been bequeathed to them by presidential order by President Theodore

You, Sir, will not be "hosting" our gathering. It is our land. You do not bring water pipe. You do not provide the food. You do not dig latrines. You do not provide security service. You do not provide organization. And most importantly, you do not own the land on which we gather. It belongs to each individual American who gathers upon it.
In your letter, you referred to "co-operation between the Forest Service and the
American public attending the gathering. I find myself in great difficulty understanding
what you mean by "co-operation". For thirty-four years, the United States Forest Service has harassed the American public, attempted to restrain free speech; lied to Americans attending these gatherings

The Forest Service has slandered the "Rainbow Family" to local and state authorities. Your
Agents have waged a concerted disinformation campaign for years. The Forest Service
Agents have sat in our counsels, made agreements with the Rainbow
Family which were promptly dishonored. The Forest Service has conspired to commit
criminal fraud to acquire a signature on the special use permit. Your Law Enforcement
Officers and your District Rangers have committed outright perjury in Federal Court, have
engaged in selective harassment and prosecution and forced association.
Yet the "Rainbow Family" and other individual American citizens
have routinely attempted a communicative spirit of co-operation and have been
confronted with the Forest Service's continued disingenuous behavior and deception.
If this is your concept of "co-operation", then perhaps we need to discuss the
meaning of the word "co-operation".

In previous "co-operations meetings" with your Forest Service Agency, you agree,then break
agreements, issue hundreds of tickets, in spite of outstanding efforts on the part of various
individuals at fostering relations before, during and after gatherings.
Your Agents simply and blatantly disregard any and all agreements.
Again in your letter, you stated that "early collaboration and
cooperation ensures better planning, minimizes environmental conflicts and promotes
a more successful event. Meeting early with the local District Rangers allows
the Forest Service time to discuss permit requirements, properly locate
structures, such as water lines, large kitchens and vehicle parking (i.e. certain
activities that otherwise wouldn't be allowed) to better accommodate your
I find the above statement patronizing, demeaning and condescending.
The Rainbow Family of Living Light has been gathering for thirty-four years
exclusively on public land. We have met those environmental, health and safety
concerns. In those thirty-four years, we have always done our own scouting successfully
despite the oft times lack of co-operation from the District Office and
outright interference ramping up to unacceptable actions such as closure on forest lands
that we wanted to use and road blocks to keep individuals out.
At this point in our conversation, I feel the necessity to address one
of your stated requests. I will now make reference to this comment in your letter: "meeting
early with the local district rangers allows the Forest Service time to discuss permit requirements, properly located
structures, such as large kitchens......etc."

Need I remind you, Sir, that at the California annual "Rainbow
Gathering", on her first day's walk through about June 12, 2004, I accompanied District Ranger Edie Asrow on her inspection tour; the purpose of which was to determine proper locations for
kitchens and various encampments. At one point, I sighted a location which I felt would be a
perfect location for my kitchen. District Ranger Edie Asrow and I engaged in considerable
discussion, both agreeing that the site chosen would be "suitable". I pointed out to Ms.
Asrow a seasonal watercourse, which is a dry stream, at some distance. I asked if this would be of some concern to her. Ms. Asrow responded that the watercourse was of no concern.
Acting on Edie Asrow's response about the watercourse, I took it upon
myself to pace off that
distance at thirty-nine steps, approximately one hundred twenty feet.
Asrow informed me that the distance was more than suitable to meet her requirements. Having complied, Rainbow Crystal Kitchen was constructed and began providing food to thousands
of individuals

Rainbow Crystal Kitchen continued to feed people until at some point,
the Forest Service came with seven mounted Officers, at least one half dozen foot Officers, surrounding my camp, and demanded that I re-move my kitchen under what appeared to me threat of violence or arrest with total disregard to the potential riot situation the Officers were creating, due to the presence of hundreds of men, women and children in the immediate vicinity. This was very disruptive and potentially dangerous behavior on the part of Forest Service Agents.
Showing further disdain for civil well being, the Forest Service Agents and Officers came into the gathering with heavy equipment to raid and dismantle Rainbow Crystal
Kitchen, while I was in Federal Court with Magistrate Judge Kellison in Likely, California.
Guilt or innocence on the charges noted in the "Citation" had not yet been decided.
At the height of the trade circle, the Forest Service again jeopardized
public safety by nearly inciting a riot with the threat to take down the Rainbow Crystal
Kitchen. This action was an
open threat to the food source in the minds of the people nearby, not a personal
bias for me.
It should be noted that the quick thinking and compassionate actions of American citizens
assisting the Rainbow Crystal Kitchen crew, cooks, food servers, in dismantling the kitchen
thereby prevented the United States Forest Service the joy and pleasure
of doing it themselves.
As a result, this prevented what could have been a riotous and
potentially dangerous situation, which was provoked by Forest Service Agents.

This site
was subsequently trampled by ten thousand cattle and sheep. This shows selective targeting and the Forest Service's favor toward grazing animals over human beings.

This violating force was further cemented in open court by Edie Asrow's perjured
testimony, in denying that permission was granted or even that our conversation ever
took place. Do you genuinely believe that this kind of behavior by the United
States Forest Service will encourage others in my situation to be "co-operative"? It
wouldn't seem likely.
Your letter says "The Forest Service respects your right to
gather." It certainly would not appear given the Forest Service's thirty -four years "rich" history
with the "Rainbow Gathering".

I would encourage you to remember that your are indeed the caretakers of
our land, the American peoples' land! The forest is our garden and you, the Forest Service
and all its Agents, are our gardeners. The operative word here is "service". We, the American
people, have the right to expect you, the United States Forest Service, to serve us, the American people.

Please consider this my demand for a redress of grievances.

For your consideration,

Reverend Gary W. Stubbs

Rainbow Crystal Kitchen

A Ministry of the Universal Life Church
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