MORE on Chiggers . . . and Campho Phenique

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Info compiled from web search . . .
campho phenique is in liquid or gel tubes - over the counter product, found most anywhere . . .
witch hazel is good too, to quell itching fast . . . clear nail polish does help too - don't know why . . .
Chiggers are the larvae of the harvest mite, Trombicula alfreddugesi, and become active in June.

Contrary to popular belief, chiggers do not burrow into the skin, but pierce the skin, (often around a hair follicle) and inject a fluid that prevents blood from clotting.The fluid causes tissues to be inflamed; each bite has a characteristic red welt with a white, hard central area. The tiny red chigger in the center of the itching bump is effectively camouflaged by the inflamed tissues. Fluids secreted by the mite iquifies the tissues that are ingested by the chigger. It is these injected fluids that results in the severe itching and dermatitis that accompanies chigger bites.

After becoming fully fed, the chigger drops from its host, goes into the ground and enters a quiescent stage. In the fall of the year, it becomes a bright red adult that overwinters.

Insect repellent containing "deet" (diethyltoluamide) is effective in reducing attractiveness of your body for chigger feeding. For maximum effectiveness, repellents should be applied to shoes, socks, pant cuffs, ankles and legs, and around the waist.Wearing light color clothing is helpful, as they are more attracted to darker surfaces.

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    More on this in this thread:

    URL:Help.... I got the new mama worries about the going to the national...topic posted Fri, June 1, 2007 - 3:50 PM by madrona - view original post

    Help.... I got the new mama worries about the going to the national...topic posted Fri, June 1, 2007 - 3:50 PM by madrona

    The nail polish trick work becaise it seals the wound off from the air. It's all here:

  • Here's the latest and greatest . . .
    I've gotten out all my essential oil products - and, what do you know?
    I have all the necessary makin's for one super-duper 'natural' products critter repellent!!!
    I'm starting with an almond oil base - and adding:
    lavender, citronella, cedarwood, rosemary, and patchouly . . .
    If the chiggers get thru this combo?
    I'm bringing the tea tree oil to treat bites . . . (and a new bottle of campho phenique)
    Think this will 'do it'?
    • at the new mex in 95 i had a mix of tea tree cedar peppermint eucalyptus pennyroyal(drop or two) mostly the tea trea and it kept the critters out of my hair (starter dreads) and clothes and no bugs all summer hitching and gathering. go easy on the cedar if your skin is sensitive. try burning syrian rue fo r flies.
    • How much? I'll pay for a bottle of it. even a tiny bottle of it.

      Seriously, I'd pay for some pennyroyal plants, too.

      Turns out the people giving me a ride are leaving on THIS Wednesday, not next week. Geez.... I've gotta hussle now.

      See ya there.
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        I got chigger bites...bad on my head from this national. I am pretty much better except for soreness. I am taking pregnizone , a steroid, homeopathic poison ivy pills, and hydrocortizone spray for my hair, and oatmeal for baths. Hope this helps.

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